Xia Shu 夏樹
Max Willis
Sun Qian 孙倩
Shan Shan


max willis
born 03.02.1972
Ipswich, England

artist and media designer

Max Willis is an international artist, postproduction specialist and media designer with a diverse background in fine arts and new media. Max learned editing and postproduction in the film city Berlin and he is an experienced digital image compositor and web programmer.

Max has held numerous performances and exhibitions and had his new media work screened from Berlin to Beijing. He currrently is based in Hong Kong and attends City University, School of Creative Media, MFA Masters of Fine Arts.

recent media productions:

trailer edit of "Ciu Jian: Rocking china" documentary by S. Louisa Wei, Blue Queen Productions 2007, 4 min

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, film scoring promotional video with Robert Ellis-Geiger, conducting, 2007,10 min

hong kong youth culture video "Start on the Farm" 2006, 2 min17.

Recently Max finished production of another short film, 'A Mobile World - Worlds Apart" 2007, 7 min, his first dramatic work, starring Calvin Lau and Sun Jialu. see the movie online here